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When the SASO SALEEM SABER product safety program was implemented in 2019, SABER, an electronic conformity assessment platform, was implemented as well. All products exported to Saudi Arabia must go through product certification and shipping certification through SABER.



  • All products distributed in Saudi Arabia (imported products from Saudi Arabia)
  • 45 technical regulations (Saudi 43 + GSO 2)


1. Product certificate (PCoC: product certification) issued.
Product CoC (Product CoC) is issued for regulated items determined by the relevant technical regulations, which is a product registration and a series of conformity assessment procedures.
  • Importer creates an account in the SABER system (
  • The importer registers the product information in the system.
  • Importer selects a certification body from the system to issue product certification (PCoC). (SABER system automatically displays a list of certification bodies that can perform conformity assessment)
  • The importer pays the PCoC registration fee (PCoC Reg. Fees, 525 SAR).
  • The certification body performs conformity assessment and inputs the results and evaluation report into the SABER system.
  • According to the results inputted by the certification body, the importer is issued a PCoC via the system.
2. Shipping certificate (SCoC: shipping certificate) issued
All products regulated through the SABER program are verified for possession of valid PCoC and shipping information through a certification body (PCoC issuing agency) prior to shipment, and a one-time shipping certificate is issued.
  • Importers must apply for Shipment CoC through the system prior to each shipment.
  • Input and upload product authentication information and invoice information (date, volume, quantity, total amount, etc.).
  • KTC reviews and verifies the shipment application information, and inputs the results into the system (KTC may request necessary technical documents through connection with importers and suppliers).
  • The importer is issued a certificate upon paying the SASO registration fee (SCoC Fees, 525 SAR).

Required documents

1. Product certification
  • Basic product information: Product name, model name, HS code, product photo, rating label, barcode etc.
  • Risk Assessment (Risk analysis report)
  • Business license
  • Certification of quality system (ISO 9001 or higher, if applicable)
  • Various manuals according to product type (Arabic version required)
  • Test report according to the standards set by the relevant technical regulations
  • Evidence against other national requirements: GCC certificate, Saudi EER certificates, IECEE certificate, Quality Mark certificates, etc. (If applicable).
  • Manufacturer's declaration of conformity
2. Shipping certificate
  • Commercial invoice and/or Packing list