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Japan Electrical Appliance Safety Law is a law enacted to protect consumers from fire and electric shock caused by electrical products. It is a safety standard that applies to almost all household electrical appliances connected to a 100V outlet in Japan. According to the Japan Electrical Appliance Safety Law, manufacturers and importers are obliged to put the PSE mark on suitable products and sell them so that consumers can distinguish them.

PSE mark stands for Product Safety Electrical Appliance & Materials, and it is a mark that indicates that electrical products meet safety requirements.


PSE types

Sort Description


112 designated electrical appliances (electric products that are predicted to have high risk and are strictly evaluated) that require high safety standards. The PSE mark is in the shape of a diamond.
Category A mark: A factory audit is required for this product category.
e.g.) Electric sauna bath, electric massager, snow melting equipment, etc.


Electrical appliances other than specified electrical appliances (other electrical appliances) Category B mark: Electrical appliances that do not fall under category A (338 items) are category B products. The PSE mark is in the shape of a circle.
e.g.) Directional electric diffuser, fan, electric carpet, etc.

Devices that use AC100V from a general indoor outlet cannot be sold unless the diamond PSE or round PSE mark is attached.

* Electrical products that do not fall under these two categories are not subject to PSE regulation.


1. Confirm the name of the electrical appliance
Electrical appliances (specified electrical appliances, non-specified electrical appliances) specified in the Enforcement Decree of the Japan Electrical Appliance Safety Law
2. Confirm action
When manufacturing or importing electrical appliances: Reporting, standard conformance testing, conformance audits required
When selling electrical appliances: Available for sale if the PSE mark is affixed
3. Declare business
When starting a new business, report the business to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry within 30 days from the launching of the business
4. Confirm conformity with relevant standards
When manufacturing or importing
5. Designated electrical appliances
If the electric appliance manufactured or imported is a designated electrical appliance (115 items)
6. Check conformity
When manufacturing or importing, audit by a registered audit body, and issuance/storage of a conformity certificate is required.
7. Conduct self-inspections
Manufacture, import, and inspect according to the audit methods set by the government, prepare audit records, and store records for three years from the date of audit.
8. Labeling
The applicant declaring business must affix a mark and information stipulated by the local government (PSE mark, business name, rated current, etc.) to electrical appliances that have been inspected. Manufacturers and importers must affix the specified mark according to stipulated instructions prior to distribution. Mark must be checked when distributing the product.