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ISO 45001


  • ­ ISO 45001 certification helps organizations achieve their health and safety goals through a systematic framework for the health, safety and well-being of employees, reducing workplace-related risks, regardless of organization size, industry and geographic location.
  • ­ ISO 45001 is an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems. An increasing number of governmental regulations around the world help organizations demonstrate internal and external commitment to workplace safety and strengthen their business reputation with employees and customers.


Expected impact of ISO 45001

1. Create a healthy and safe workplace
ISO 45001 aims to reduce work-related accidents and focuses on building a health and safety culture within the organization where employees can actively participate in their own health and safety. This helps to foster a safety culture based on a strong commitment to safety and health and strong leadership. This minimizes the turnover rate and motivates employees to improve their tenure. It can also make the work environment safer and healthier.
2. Maximize productivity
ISO 45001 enables organizations to understand their risk profile through a systematic process to keep their workplaces healthy and safe and increase productivity by reducing absenteeism and employee turnover.
3. Ensure compliance
ISO 45001 provides a clear framework for managing legal regulations and obligations. By implementing a systematic safety and health management system, you can build trust with stakeholders, improve your brand reputation, and secure a competitive edge in contract bidding.
4. Ensure easy integration
Since ISO 45001 uses the same high-level terminology and structure, it can be easily integrated with new or revised ISO management system standards such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001.

Certification and audit procedures

Certification and audit procedures

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