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  • Dermatest, the German ingredient safety test agency, is providing the certification program ensuring the quality and safety of cosmetics and hygienic goods.
  • Certification assessment can be conducted with the three methods depending on the test method.



The test is complicated in the high stage and ensures a safer product.

What is the German Dermatest?
It is the international dermatology research institutes established for the first time in the German industry in 1978.

All the product groups used with skin contact are researched and assessed with the scientific method to have a consumer compare the stability of each product more easily. Cooperation with outstanding specialists and researchers in the fields of dermatology, allergy and internal medicine, biology, food, etc. is pursued.

Certification Type

  • Excellent patch test: The test provides information on the basic skin irritation and sensitivity possibly caused from the product. It is tested every 24, 48, and 72 hours. The product passing the test can use the Dermatest certification mark showing the Excellent class
  • 3-star seal: It is awarded when the short-term test on the product is done in the field using the skin characteristics or function or when the long-term test on the product is done in the different field which is not the use field. It is the seal representing the more complicated test design compared with the general patch test and certifying certainty more greatly. For the product receiving the corresponding seal, the physiological skin characteristics including moisture supply to skin and skin roughness and elasticity are measured for a long term. (The repeated patch test requires the test period of 4 to 6 weeks or more.)
  • 5-star seal: It is the test being used for a long termby ensuring the certainty with the highest class. The test is to precisely test the suitability and the effectiveness of medicine preparation if necessary according to the clinical dermatology standard. It can be received when the late consumer successfully completed the purpose of use through the application test done for the minimum 20 test subjects for 4 weeks. If the application test (20 persons/4 weeks) is completed successfully, the 5-star certification seal and the seal of “CLINICALLY TESTED” can be used, (subjective experience or questionnaire preparation for evaluating product characteristics, joint participation of a medical expert, etc.)


Cosmetics, hygienic products, and the overall products contacting skin



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