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ASTM stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials. ASTM was established in the US in 1898, and is one of the world's largest private standards-setting organizations. Originally, it was called ASTM, but recently the organization was renamed ASTM International. ASTM is a non-profit organization that develops, publishes and distributes private standards for various materials, products, systems and services.
Currently, more than 32,000 members, including manufacturers, users, and end-users from all over the world, and representatives of government agencies and academia from more than 100 countries are involved in production, procurement, and legal activities. ASTM provides consensus on standard test methods, specifications, product practices, guidelines, product classifications and terminology in more than 130 specialties (metals, paints, plastics, textiles, petrochemicals, construction, energy, environment, consumer products, medical devices and instruments, computer systems, electronic products, etc.)
ASTM’s headquarters does not directly own any technical research or testing facilities. However, relevant tasks are being done voluntarily by ASTM members and member organizations around the world.
More than 10,000 standards are published every year through the ASTM Standards Annual Book in 73 volumes.



ASTM certification is a voluntary system that proves the conformity of a product by performing a test according to the ASTM standard at a laboratory designated by ASTM. However, if a national government agency uses ASTM standards as a standard for a certification system that is legally enforceable, it may be enforced as the national standard. To acquire ASTM certification, the applicant must first check the ASTM standard to be applied to the product. Then, testing fees, samples and technical data must be sent to an ASTM-designated laboratory capable of testing in compliance with the ASTM standard. The lab will issue a test report once testing is complete.

Follow-up management

As it is a private standard, ASTM's follow-up management is not a compulsory undertaking. As such, follow-up audits are conducted at the discretion of the applicant company. If there is no change in the certified product, the ASTM certification will remain recognized as is.

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